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Bodum Eileen French Press for Commercial Use in Restaurants & Cafes

Eileen, Bodum’s professional coffee maker, was conceived not only in honor of the great designer Eileen Gray but for all the coffee connoisseurs who frequent the bistros and cafés of Paris, Gray’s adopted city…Not only is the BODUM® EILEEN professional coffee maker one of the very few to meet their demanding requirements, but it is also specifically designed to withstand the exacting conditions of busy bistros and cafés.
Description from Bodum website

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While the popular Bodum Chambord is a great French press, it is not so great for use in a restaurant, cafe, or coffeehouse, as it is far too easy to break the glass. The Bodum Eileen is designed specifically for commercial use, and includes a stainless steel frame that surrounds the carafe.

For the price, you could also buy the Frieling stainless-steel French press, which has a steel carafe. There are a few reasons to consider the Eileen though. First, you may prefer coffee made in a glass carafe versus a steel carafe. In my experience, they do taste slightly different. Second, Eileen arguably has a nicer design.

If anyone has used this model, feedback is welcome. Also, are there any other models you’d recommend for commercial use?

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