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Who invented the French press?

What is the history of the French press? Who invented it? To that question, there isn’t a definitive answer.

Galla Coffee has the following to say.

The exact history and origin of the cafetiere is not clear. Both the French and the Italians lay claims to its invention. What is known is that the first cafetieres appeared in France in the 1850s. These coffee pots were made of metal and fitted with a metal screen attached to a rod. The metal screen would be plunged down, using the rod, forcing the coffee grounds to the bottom of the pot.

They then tell one story of how it was invented that involves an old man from Provence, France.

Roaste adds:

The first French Press…was patented in 1929 by the Milanese Attilio Calimani. In the 1930s the French Melior and Chambord introduced the first models with stainless steel filters and metal bodies. These brands where later bought by Bodum that still produces them today with the same brilliant original designs.

If you know any more history of the French press coffee maker, please comment below, and feel free to link to other sources.

2 Responses to “Who invented the French press?”

  1. According to one story the French Press was invented when a Frenchman boiled water without the grounds, having forgotten to add them to the cold water as was usually done so they would settle to the bottom. Not wanting to waste the firewood he used to boil the water he added the grounds afterwards. Unfortunately, these grounds floated to the top and he had to figure out a way to get rid of them. His solution was to devise a screen which he used to press down on the liquid and thereby force the grounds to the bottom. It was later attributed to Calimani. Truth or folklore? No one knows for sure.

  2. I agree that nothing compares to French Press coffee. There’s nothing like waking up to a cup of French Press in the morning.