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Does coffee made in a French press raise cholesterol?

The short answer seems to be yes. Apparently coffee doesn’t contain cholesterol, but it does contain cafestol, which “is the most potent dietary cholesterol-elevating agent known,” according to How Coffee Raises Cholesterol in the Science Daily. Additionally, “French press coffee, boiled Scandinavian brew and espresso contain the highest levels of the compound, which is removed […]

Coffee Brewing Alternatives: Single Cup Filters

While the French press is my favorite method to make coffee at home, there are some intriguing alternatives out there. Single cup brewing is now in vogue. The $11,000 Clover makes a really good cup of coffee, but that’s a bit steep for home use. The following filters are a little more practical. The Melitta […]

Cold Brewed Coffee in a French Press

Do you like drinking cold coffee? On a hot summer day, a hot cup of coffee may seem out of place. I have to admit that I prefer freshly-brewed, hot coffee, even in warm weather. I decided to give cold brewing a try in my French press though. It was a fun experiment. To create […]

How To Make French Press Coffee: Brewing

Once your water is hot, and coffee grounds are in the press pot, slowly pour the hot water into the press over the coffee grounds. How high you fill it depends on how much coffee you want to make, and how strong you like your coffee. Most of the grounds will rise to the top, […]

How to Make French Press Coffee: Water

There are those who have made water preparation into a science for coffee. That is, perhaps, not surprising, since water is one of the two primary ingredients. A restaurant or cafe will use a Countertop Hot Water Dispenser or the dispenser from an espresso machine. Most of us will begin with tap water. Tap water […]