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Who invented the French press?

What is the history of the French press? Who invented it? To that question, there isn’t a definitive answer. Galla Coffee has the following to say. The exact history and origin of the cafetiere is not clear. Both the French and the Italians lay claims to its invention. What is known is that the first […]

The New Bodum Bean 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker

The new 8-cup French press is a new design from Bodum. The carafe is made with temperature safe borosilicate glass and encased in plastic. The Bean features the precision pour. You can control the amount of coffee flow with the lever. The silicone gasket connecting the lid and the glass has an insulating effect, which […]

Bodum Eileen French Press for Commercial Use in Restaurants & Cafes

Eileen, Bodum’s professional coffee maker, was conceived not only in honor of the great designer Eileen Gray but for all the coffee connoisseurs who frequent the bistros and cafés of Paris, Gray’s adopted city…Not only is the BODUM® EILEEN professional coffee maker one of the very few to meet their demanding requirements, but it is […]

How to Make a Cappuccino with a French Press

In my search for ‘french press’ articles, I came across this one at wikiHow. When they say make a cappuccino, they are not only talking about making the coffee with a French press. They suggest a method for frothing milk using a French press. They say to heat the milk and pour into a French […]

French press at Texas Steakhouse?

From the Texas Steakhouse blog: I have to admit that when I first heard Texas Steakhouse was going to implement a new coffee product and it was going to be brewed using a French Press, I thought the CEO had lost his mind. What does anything French have to do with Texas and how in […]