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French press at Texas Steakhouse?

From the Texas Steakhouse blog:

I have to admit that when I first heard Texas Steakhouse was going to implement a new coffee product and it was going to be brewed using a French Press, I thought the CEO had lost his mind. What does anything French have to do with Texas and how in the world are we going to sell a $2.99 coffee when Starbucks is on every corner?

While not the most expected pairing, we can see the French press method is making inroads, even into steakhouses.

Solobrew French Press To-Go – both portable and disposable

Solobrew French Press To-Go
French Press To-Go™ is a disposable single serve French Press Plunger. Our patent pending French Press To-Go™ Plunger is conveniently pre-packaged with coffee in an innovative spring loaded filter plunger. Simply add 10 fl oz of hot water, the French Press To-Go™ brews quickly with little preparation and leaves no mess to clean up.”

The benefits include that it costs less than what one would pay at a coffee house, and there is ‘no waste’ of the coffee itself. It appears the cup itself can be reused, but the Single Serve French Press Plungers and Plunger Covers are disposable, and include the Plungers include the coffee.

Coffee Artisan is currently selling them for $3.95.

If anyone tries one, feel free to comment on your experience.

Do French Presses break easily?

That’s the question a person asked at

It’s a good question, when even ‘unbreakable’ French presses sometimes leak or break. At the coffee house I volunteer at, we used to use Bodum’s glass French presses. They worked well, but being made of glass, they eventually break. In a cafe environment, this certainly happens more often than it would at home. The process of heating and cooling the French press glass also can contribute to breakage. We eventually changed to steel French presses, which work much better in a cafe, since there is no more glass to break.

I’ve had my current French press at home for 5 years, and it’s still intact. They can handle being knocked over on the counter, but knocking them into the sink or on the floor may be too much. Also, I’ve rinsed hot French presses out with cold water without them breaking, but I certainly don’t recommend it. If you use your French press daily, odds are it will eventually break, all the more in a high traffic environment. If you have kids around, a steel French press won’t shatter and is also cooler to touch on the outside, but also more of an initial investment.

If you have any stories about French presses breaking or advise on how to prevent it, please share!

Chris Woodward’s One Piece Glass French Press

Chris Woodward’s Glassy French PressThis French press was designed by Chris Woodward, and is made of a single piece of glass framed in metal. “A single solid piece of glass is far more shatter resistant.
What’s even better is the entire thing is dish washer safe and BPA free.” says Yanko Design.

Very cool. This is a very new product, and as far as I know, is not yet available for purchase.

A Disposable French Press?

One of the products unveiled at the latest Coffee Fest in Seattle was the SmartCup.

When Jeff Baccetti wanted to take his French press coffee on the road, he’d take it out of his press and put it in a mug. But that wasn’t good enough.

So the Redmond resident created the SmartCup, a disposable, recyclable French press.

Sure, it sounds wasteful, but I have to admit I’m curious to see it.